Announcement of opportunity: Solar observing Campaign "F-HUNTERS 2" for amateurs (14-23 July, 2016)

Are you amazed by majestic power of solar flares and eruptions? Are you an amateur solar observer? Do you have equipment suitable for safe solar observations? Are you interested in solar astrophotography and image processing techniques? Do you want to contribute to the database of amateur observations dedicated solely to these explosive phenomena in solar atmosphere? If you answered “yes” to at least some of these questions, participate in "F-HUNTERS observation campaign" and start your hunt for flares today. 

F-HUNTERS (or flare hunters) terms to a series of observation campaigns targeted for the amateur astronomers, organized by dissemination team of F-CHROMA project, led by IAUWR. The main goal is to encourage solar astrophotographers to hunt for solar flares, process the images and send them to F-HUNTERS data center. Created database of amateur flare observations will be used jointly with data from space and ground-based observatories. The first campaign of this series has successfully took place during 19-27 September, 2015. Moving forward, we encourage the amateur observers to take part in the F-HUNTERS 2 observing campaign which is going to take place during 14-23 July, 2016

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Best Regards, 

F-HUNTERS 2 team