Amadeusz Miszuda
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Since 2017, I am an Astronomy PhD student at University of Wroclaw. My work mailny focuses on pulsating stars at close binary systems.
On my site, you may find some online materials as an online appendixes to my papers as well as some programs that may help dealing with binary stars with pulsating components.



Program binning and phasing any light curve for a given bins number


Tool for calculating Rayleigh resolution and Nyquist limit for any sample

Online materials


  • Evolutionary stage of the massive component of the double-lined eclipsing binary V380 Cygni
    Miszuda A., DaszyƄska-Daszkiewicz J., Szewczuk W., 2018, eds. Ballot J., Vauclair S., Vauclair G.

  • View my publications on ADS

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In case of any questions related to my work you are mostly encouraged to get in touch.